10 Killer Father’s Day Gifts for Dad in 2024 | Brolo

10 Killer Father’s Day Gifts for Dad in 2024 | Brolo

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With Father’s Day 2024 right around the corner, your friends at Brolo decided to put together a father’s day gift list for Father’s Day 2024.

The best Father’s Day Gifts for dad’s include a box of Mino Prime Steak, an American Flag Brolo, the best cast iron skillet, and more unique gifts.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to offer up some unique and fun fathers day gift ideas that will wow your Dad on Father’s Day.

There are lots of types of dad’s. The techie Dad, the sports Dad, the outdoors Dad, etc. We love them all and we’re thankful for all they do for us, despite telling one too many dad joke.

For the purpose of our gift guide, we’re focusing on the All-American Dad. He loves beer, sports, grilling, golf, his family, dogs, and America. What a guy.

Without further adieu, here’s our 10 best Father’s Day Gifts for Father’s Day 2024.

The Perfect Fathers Day Gifts

Mino Prime Steak Box

We found this Chicago gem 2 years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. Mino Prime Steaks was founded by Mino Emini and brings true Chicago Prime Meat to your doorstep, the ultimate fathers day gift for the All-American Dad.

Let’s be honest here: When it comes to Steak, there’s Chicago and then there’s everyone else. You can find the best prime cuts of meat from Mino Prime Steaks in Chicago and make it the best Father’s Day your Dad has ever had.

Mino Prime Steaks offers a variety of cuts on their website as well as some great recipes. If you’re a Chicago Local, it’ll come right to your door the next day. If not, they’ll ship it. 

Our favorite is the delmonico, but if you wanna impress your dad, check out the Wagyu Tomahawk. 


Nothing says American Dad more than Grilling outside. Steaks, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Briskets and more hit the grill every weekend. He takes pride in his grilling skills, so give him some better tools to do so!

This Taimasi 34 piece grill set comes with everything your dad needs to step his grill game up and he’ll use it often.

Bonus: You get to be the recipient of him grilling out more! Bon Appetit.

American Flag Brolo

Sleeveless Men's Polo

The All-American Father loves golfing, grilling, outdoors, and America. What better way to cover all those bases with the World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo.

Comfortable, cool in the heat, and a total ‘Born in the USA’ vibe, the ‘Murica Brolo is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Your Dad is guaranteed to love it, and his friends will too.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is the Cal Ripken of Cast Iron Skillets. I have cooked a LOT of steak in this skillet and it just keeps showing up and giving me incredible flavor, perfect sear, and ease of use going right from the stovetop to the oven. Pair this with some Mino Prime Steaks and you’ll make this the best Father’s Day yet.

Built to offer the perfect sear and flavor, the Lodge Cast Iron skillet is a Fathers Day Gift Dream for the All American Dad. Let him cook steak, eggs, bacon, and every other Ron Swanson inspired meal on his new skillet.

Just make sure to eat a few veggies and go for a run later.

Golf Range Finder/Speaker

Your dad might be a terrible golfer, but at least he (sometimes) enjoys it. Make it even more enjoyable with a Bushnell Wingman Rangefinder and Bluetooth Speaker.

This unique golf accessory is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the golfing dad. It lets him know distances to the pin while also playing music and has a magnet that attaches to the cart.

Pet Bed

Dad’s a tough guy, but he’s a softy for the family dog. He’s been known to sleep on the dog bed too. Get Him (and Fido) an upgrade.

The Furhaven Pet Bed sports orthopedic foam, soft fur, and has a machine washable cover. It also has a 4.5 star rating and over 80,000+ reviews.

Mr. Heater

We know, we know. It’s 90 degrees out and this is a ridiculous summer gift. Hear us out though.

The All American dad is a planner and knows winter will be here before we know it. He’ll be watching sports, working out, and having beers in the garage in 15 degree weather in no time.

And when he does, he’ll be ready, thanks to your awesome Father’s Day Gift.

I’ve literally watched 5 Dad’s sit and marvel over a Mr. Heater for 30 minutes, talking about BTU’s, propane tanks, and all sorts of things I don’t know about. It may have belonged in a progressive commercial, but they sure do love their Mr. Heaters.

We recommend the round one-It’s Dad Approved.

Adjustable Dumbbells (Time for dad to hang up the rusty iron weights)

The All American Dad still benches the first Monday of every month, making sure to let you know ‘He’s still got it’. Spoiler alert: He doesn’t.

Another thing he might have? Tetanus from all that rust. Give him an upgrade from his high school days and let him workout in comfort and convenience, with these ProForm adjustable dumbbells, the perfect Father’s Day gift for the all American dad.

Air Fryer

The All American Dad loves grilling, but sometimes he needs to cook indoors. God knows he can’t bake a casserole, so let’s make it easy on him with a Cosori Air Fryer Max XL.

WIth 13 cooking functions, a one touch screen, and almost 100,000 positive reviews, this Cosori Air Fryer Max XL will make it almost impossible for Dad to screw up dinner, making it a great father’s day gift, and something mom will love as well.

Whiskey Glasses

Dad might normally drink Bud heavy, but he loves sippin’ whiskey on special occasions, so make this the perfect father’s day for him and give him this awesome whiskey glass set.

This set comes with coasters, 2 glasses, chilling stones, tongs, and a badass wooden box.

Make Father’s Day 2024 the best yet

So there you have it, the 10 best fathers day gifts for the all-american dad. Whichever gifts you give, the Brolo team wishes you and your Father a great fathers day full of fun, laughter, and booze!



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