What to weat to court

An expert take on what to wear to court

Well this is awkward…

A first impression matters-especially when it comes to a Judge.

What you wear to court matters. The Judge and Jury will notice your clothes and like it or not, judge you if you look unkempt or like you aren’t taking your court visit seriously. No matter the severity of your case, when you come to court, you want your clothing to show that you respect the judge and you know court is a serious matter.

There are many acceptable types of clothing for court. A suit and tie looks great, but isn’t a necessity. The most important thing is that your clothing is professional and presents your best self to everyone in the courtroom because the reality is, your clothes will have some say in your courtroom outcome.


First, let’s talk about the psychology of colors. There’s a lot of research on colors and how they shape the feeling someone has when they see them. Bright and loud colors like red are colors that signal Intensity and Aggression- Two emotions you want to avoid in court.

It’s best to wear colors that invoke feelings of Stability, Practicality, and Innocence like White, Blue, and Grey. Neutral colors like this don’t draw attention and are the perfect colors to wear to court.


We shouldn’t have to say this, but here goes…Don’t wear jeans or shorts to court!! We all love the style and comfort jeans provide us, but they aren’t the right types of pants to wear to court. They will send the wrong message to the judge and jury-that you didn’t make the effort to dress properly for court.

Instead of jeans, focus on slacks or khakis. Make sure they aren’t ripped and are properly ironed. Focus on the neutral colors mentioned above and you’ll be just fine.


Shoes are another important thing. You’d be surprised to see how many people wear sandals or Crocs to court. This is a no no!! Make sure you wear appropriate, closed toe shoes to court. Everyone in court will appreciate the effort and it will show the judge you are taking the process seriously.


This is the money shot. You made sure to find the right colors, pressed your finest pair of slacks, and polished your best pair of closed toe shoes to a beautiful sheen. The best way to bring it all together and really show you mean business is to wear a Brolo-The World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo.*

Sleeveless Men's Polo and Ferrari
Not Guilty Babe…Whatchu up to later?

Why wear a Brolo? Many Reasons:

  1. The Brolo has a collar, showing the judge you are serious about your appearance.
  2. The Brolo is sleeveless and made with moisture wicking material, keeping you cool, calm, and collected during court.
  3. The Brolo is perfect attire for the golf course-which you will be enjoying after you get out of court with a freshly clean record due to your stellar appearance.

We recommend you avoid the Red and Purple Brolo and instead opt for the more professional White and Navy Blue Sleeveless Men’s Polo due to color psychology.

Be Calm

Remember, the best thing to wear is a calm and respectful confidence. Being nervous, defiant, or dismissive in court is the best way to make a judge or jury not like you. Be respectful and confident and things will work out for you.

Good luck!

* Please don’t wear your Brolo to court. It would be cool and funny but you’d probably go to jail. No one wants that. Wear a button down shirt (with or without a tie). If, however, you have balls the size of Texas and wear a Brolo to court, send me a picture and I’ll hook you up with something cool.



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