Frequently Asked Questions

Brolo - The World's First Sleeveless Men's Polo

Is the Brolo allowed at my Golf Course?

The short answer is 'probably'. Most golf courses carry Dress Codes. The Brolo has done extensive dress code research and even the nicest, most prestigious country clubs primarily state "A Collared Shirt" as a necessity. The Brolo is a collared shirt, so we think it works.

We made a cool video about golfing with the Brolo on Here.

Where else can I wear my awesome new Brolo?

Well first of all, we're not the boss of you, so you can wear your awesome Brolo anywhere you damn please. Our Sleeveless Men's Polo Shirts are gonna be the new thing and you'll soon see them everywhere. If you need some suggestions though, here goes:

The golf course, a bbq, a day on the lake, on a date with a girl who secretly wonders if you skip arm day (spoiler-you don't), at a frat party, at ANY party, to a concert, to a bat mitzah, to a wedding, on a random sunday afternoon watching football all day, at the bar, at church. Ok, maybe don't wear it at church.

What size Brolo should I buy?

Our Brolo's run pretty true to size. If you're a medium Polo, you're a medium Brolo.

Sleeveless Men's Polo Heisman


What's your return policy?

You're free to return your unused Brolo to us anytime within 30 days. Just pay return shipping, handling, and insurance. We don't know why you would though.


Do you offer different fabrics?

We do. Check out our Special Edition Brolo's here.


Can I send this as a gift?

Absolutely! The Brolo is a super popular gift around summertime, Father's Day, Christmas, and more. Just make sure to check the "this is a gift" box during checkout.


Do you sell Brolo accesories?

We're glad you asked. Check out our Accessories page here and get Brolo'd out.


I read the testimonials section. Are your parents really disappointed in you?


Thanks for bringing that up.

The Game of Golf is Changing,

Shouldn't your clothes change too?

Brolo Sleeveless Polo