Brolo Performance (Red)


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The Story:

The OG. The Classic. The one that started it all.

Jump back a couple years and me and my buds were playing golf in triple-digit heat, sweating like pigs and melting our asses off before we’d even hit the turn. That’s when we asked the question:

“Why the hell don’t they make a sleeveless polo for men?”

We damn near broke the internet googling for one, but all that came up were ladies’ shirts – we couldn’t find a single damn polo for dudes who wanna put on a gunshow on the green.

So then we asked:

“Hey, why the hell don’t we make a sleeveless polo for men?”

And so a year and a half later, after multiple iterations and more all-nighters than we can count, the Brolo was born.

Since then we’ve come out with a bunch of fun new designs to make you pop on the green, but this one will always be the iconic original.

It’s the Nike Air Jordan, the Rolex OP, the Levi 501s of Brolos.

Wear it with pride.

“This shirt is the 9/11 of golf and its creator should be sent to the electric chair.”

– Frank Levy (68), Cincinnati, OH

Retired judge and old fart

More Info:

Key Features:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Red Color
  • Classic fit
  • Sleeveless Design to keep you cool
  • 34.7% more likely to land a date with that cute cart girl vs. regular polo
  • Embroidered Brolo Logo on Front
  • Embroidered Jacked Brolo Arm Logo on Back
  • 3-button placket with white buttons
  • No more golfers/farmer’s tan
  • Moisture wicking Performance Fabric


The Brolo is accepted at the majority of golf courses because of the collar. It’s made with moisture wicking material, and cut and sewn differently than women’s sleeveless polo’s in order to fit your jacked and tan arms better and more comfortably.

We’ve all been there-The Sun beating down on you during a round of 18 with your best pals and you’re just wishing you had a sleeveless Polo on. Well, now that wish is a reality. Try one today and you’ll never want to wear sleeves again.

Welcome to the Brolo Family,  The World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo, We’re glad to have you.


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Brolo Performance (Red)

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