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Sleeveless Men's Polo



The Story:

What are you guys all Navy SEALs or something? You wouldn’t believe how many requests for a camo Brolo we’ve gotten. I guess sniper fire on the fairway is a bigger problem than we thought.


Joking aside – your wish is our command. We love all our Brolos, but goddamn it if this ice-blue camo Brolo isn’t the sexiest, most versatile mf we ever made.


You can wear the Blue Camo to the clubhouse and get eyef***ed by angry boomers who think you’re destroying golf…


Or you can wear it to the club and get eyef***ed by thirsty hotties just itching to tear it off you…


Either way, enjoy, my dudes.


Boomer Review:

“I wouldn’t wipe my dog’s ass with this shirt.”

– Bob Ackerman (69), Richmond, VA

Tobacco Executive and ardent segregationist



More Info:

Key Features:

  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex for a slightly stretchy fit
  • Blue Camo Print
  • Classic fit
  • Sleeveless Design to keep you cool
  • Beer tastes just a little bit better and a little bit colder with this bad boy on
  • 3-button placket with black buttons
  • Jacked Brolo Arm Logo on Back
  • Brolo Logo on bottom left
  • No more golfers/farmer’s tan
  • Moisture wicking Performance Fabric


The Brolo is accepted at the majority of golf courses because of the collar. It’s made with moisture wicking material, and cut and sewn differently than women’s sleeveless polo’s in order to fit your jacked and tan arms better and more comfortably.

We’ve all been there-The Sun beating down on you during a round of 18 with your best pals and you’re just wishing you had a sleeveless Polo on. Well, now that wish is a reality. Try one today and you’ll never want to wear sleeves again.

Welcome to the Brolo Family,  The World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo, We’re glad to have you.




Blue Camo

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