The World's First Sleeveless Men's Polo

Introducing the Brolo. The World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo

The Brolo. The World's first Sleeveless Men's Polo

Welcome to the Brolo.

The World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo Shirt.

The Brolo was created out of a need for a more comfortable Golf Shirt.

Golf is a great game, but it hasn’t changed with the times. Golf is full of stuffy, condescending old men, archaic traditions, and boring clothes.

The Brolo aims to change that

Most golf courses have dress codes, but they all state the same thing.

Most Golf Course dress codes require one thing and one thing only: Collared Shirts.

Check out Medinah Country Club’s Dress code

Please check with your golf course dress code first, but the Brolo is approved in the large majority of them. It’s definitely approved for grills, frat parties, and just living your best life during #sleevelesssummer.

We’ve worked hard to build a comfortable, stylish, and cool sleeveless men’s polo.

We believe we have with The Brolo and look forward to seeing you on the golf course with it.



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