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The 5 Best Golf Shirts

Sweat Wicking Fabrics, Sleeveless Designs, and Various Styles all play a part in picking out the right Golf Shirt. Here are the Brolo’s 5 favorites.

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Golf is growing faster than ever. Already a great game, the engaging personalities on tour, younger crowd, and Covid-19 pandemic have all accelerated it’s growth.

Another fun aspect of Golf is the clothing. Known for it’s bright colors, cool designs, and classic looks, golf clothes give you a chance to really stand out. The only downside though, is the amount of golf clothes out there. Don’t worry though, The Brolo is here to help!

Before we get started, here are a few things we look for in a golf shirt:


I believe this is the most important trait in looking for a great golf shirt. Hot summer days can easily hit triple digits, walking a course is a workout, and swinging a club requires a certain mobility in a shirt. That being said, we look for light, breathable fabrics that wick sweat and don’t restrict your swing.


Also a huge trait. Whether you’re a scratch golfer or weekend warrior, you want to play in style. Golf shirts come in a variety of colors, patterns, collars, and more. Here, we’re looking for Golf Shirts that stand out from the pack, but don’t make you look like a buffoon with no style chops.


Lastly, we have fabric. Fabric is an important trait as certain fabrics can get very hot, making for an uncomfortable round as well as a sweat soaked shirt. We avoid heavy cotton blends in our best 5 golf shirt picks.

And now, without further adieu, here are our picks for 5 best golf shirts!

1. The Performance Brolo – Sleeveless Men’s Polo

Sleeveless Men's Polo

What a shirt. The Brolo is The World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo and we think it’s the best golf shirt out there right now and fits all of our traits perfectly. The Brolo is comfortably cut to ensure a perfect fit that’s not too loose and not too tight. It also is made of moisture wicking material to keep you dry throughout your round.

In addition to those great features, the Brolo offers the sleeveless design that we’ve all been waiting for. This Sleeveless Men’s Polo not only gets rid of your ugly farmers tan, but plays an extra part in keeping you comfortable and dry for all 18 holes. It currently comes in 4 classic colors so you can look and feel good on the course!

Even better, the Brolo is reasonably priced at $45.

2. Nike Dri-FIT ADV Tiger Woods

How could a Tiger Wood’s classic not be one of the 5 best golf shirts out there? Nike has really outdone themselves with this one. Made of Dri-Fit material, this Golf Shirt will keep you sweat free during all 18. Furthermore, it’s incredibly stylish, coming with 8 different colorways to fit even the most discerning of styles.

It’s no surprise a Tiger Woods Golf shirt is #2 on this list. Stylish and comfortable, this bad boy has it all.

The only downside is the price tag. The ADV Tiger Woods is $90.

3. Special Edition ‘Murica Sleeveless Men’s Polo

Sleeveless Men's Polo

Where do we start with the Special Edition ‘Murica Sleeveless Men’s Polo by Brolo?

It’s basically a mix of Fergie and Jesus. When you wear this bad boy, the beers are colder, your drives are longer, and everything in life is just a little bit better. Made of a Stretchy Blend, not only does this incredible sleeveless golf shirt wick your sweat, but it stretches to keep you comfortable no matter what you’re shooting on that par 3 (4 footers aren’t a gimmie, Kevin.)

Don’t get us started on style either. With an American Flag Background and Bald Eagle Centerpiece, you’ll get more compliments than you’ll know what to do with.

So go ahead, put “Free Bird” on repeat, order the ‘Murica Brolo, and have the best damn round of your life.

The Special Edition ‘Murica Brolo is $50.

4. All in Motion Golf Polo

Sometimes, the most important thing when it comes to golf shirts is the price. If that’s the case, we believe the most budget friendly golf shirt out there is the All in Motion Golf Polo. This golf shirt is carried by Target stores and is a great value golf shirt.

Featuring moisture wicking fabric, designed to stretch in all the right places, and offering 14 color choices, the All in Motion Golf Polo is a perfect choice for someone who wants a solid golf shirt with no frills at a great price.

The All in Motion Golf Shirt is $24.

5. Travis Matthew Zero Responsibility Polo

Travis Matthew is another great golf shirt maker. While they may not be built for comfort or mobility, they have the style factor in spades. With a tremendous variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics, Travis Matthew has a golf shirt for just about anyone.

One of the best things about Travis Matthew is the fit. The cut always fits the body perfectly and makes you look a little less fat than you actually are.

We chose the Zero Responsibility Golf Shirt because the name is awesome.

The Zero Responsibility Golf Shirt is $94.95.



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