About the Ultimate Degenerate Guys Golf Trip

Forget about the hallowed halls tread by golfing legends; that’s not what we’re here for. This isn’t your grandpa’s golf guide. No, this guide is for the bros who measure the success of a golf trip not by under-par scores but by the over-the-top stories they bring back.

Here, it’s less about the hush of the tee-off and more about the cheers of a well-timed toast. We believe in good shots, sure, but better shots (the kind served in glasses) matter just as much. This is about having the best time with your pals, where you can let loose, laugh loudly, and maybe — just maybe — get a decent drive somewhere in between. That’s why we created this guide: to help you and your crew find the perfect spots where the greens are great, but the vibes are even better.

But why stop at the 18th hole? The real game begins when the sun sets. Think vibrant nightlife, makin’ it rain casinos, and maybe even making out with a stranger (or two). This guide is about embracing the whole experience — where scoring a phone number is as thrilling as scoring a birdie. From sipping top-shelf spirits at the coolest spots to spending an hour in the champagne room, it’s all part of the play.

So whether you’re flirting your way through the front nine or charming your way through a high-roller’s casino night, remember, this trip is about more than just golf. It’s about crafting those legen-wait for it-dary nights with your bros, nights that you’ll talk about for years to come. Let’s raise our glasses (and maybe some eyebrows) and dive into the ultimate guide designed not just for degenerates, but for the kings of good times.

The Brolo Degen Rating

Local Legend

Worth the trip if you’re within 100 miles. This is your quick escape from the daily grind. Grab some buds, and you can make a legendary weekend out of it without breaking the bank.

Road Trippin

Crack open the snacks and crank up the playlist. These spots are worth the extra miles, making them just right for a regional rendezvous.

Gone with the Wind

It’s time to hit the skies and go where the WiFi is weak but the drinks are strong. These are the trips that require a flight, a few days off, and an adventurous spirit.

Cost Indicators

Wallet Safe ($)

Manage a whole trip for under a grand. It’s as friendly on your wallet as it is on your schedule.

<1,000 Bucks

Moderate Moolah ($$)

You’re spending enough to make it memorable but not so much that you’ll need to explain it later.

1-2k all in

Pricey Putts ($$$)

Time to check that credit limit, because while the memories are priceless, the trip isn’t.

2-4k all in

High Roller ($$$$)

For when you’re feeling flush and fancy, these destinations make every dollar count.


King’s Ransom ($$$$$)

All in, boys. This is the big leagues of golf trips where luxury knows no bounds.

If you have to ask, don't go!

Tags for The Ultimate Degenerate Guys Golf Trip

Regions(Northeast, Southwest, West, Southeast, and Midwest)

If we have to explain this one to you, maybe you should go back to 3rd grade instead of on a golf trip.

All Season

Golfers’ paradise no matter the weather. From winter rounds to summer slogs, these spots keep the party rolling 365 days a year.

Golf Season

Only go when it’s Prime time for hitting the links. When the grass is green, the sun is shining, and your game is as strong as your pre-game. Peak season for peak experiences.


Because nothing says “relax” like a round of golf by the water. Whether it’s lakeside or oceanside, these courses come with a view worth the trip. Plus, the beaches and boats bring a whole new level of fun.

Bachelor Party

The ultimate send-off. Think wild nights, insane stories, and rounds of golf that’ll make your last days of freedom ones to remember. Strip clubs, casinos, and a few too many shots are on the itinerary.

Weekend Trip

Perfect for those spontaneous “screw it, let’s go” moments. Quick getaways that pack a punch without needing a week off work. Fast, fun, and filled with everything from golf to nightclubs.


For the thrill-seekers. These trips offer more than just golf—think zip lines, ATVs, and the kind of adventures that make for epic stories. If you’re not coming back with a tale to tell, you’re doing it wrong.

Sports Book

Eat, Chill, Bet, and Watch Sports. Some States and Casinos still don’t offer legal sports gambling (jerks), we let you know if this location does.