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Sleeeveless Golf Shirt


Tell me you love Freedom without telling me you love freedom

The Story:

Scientists warned us it was physically impossible to make our best-selling ’Murica Classic Brolo any more American.

They said it would be dangerous to even try.

Hold my beer, egghead.

Say hi to the new and improved ’Murica v2, with even more America. Here’s what we did


  1. We added a patterned collar to match the shirt pattern. Because America doesn’t half-ass things, it whole-asses everything.
  2. We moved the classic Brolo logo to the bottom left hem so your chest is just pure stars’n’stripes, baby.

The ’Murica v2 is the ultimate Brolo for gun-totin’, beer-drinking, steak-eatin’ lovers of the Land of the Free. Wear it to the golf course, to the barbecue, to the beach…hell, George W Bush wears his ’Murica Brolo to bed*. Sweet dreams, America.

*(we imagine he does, anyway)

Boomer Review:

“You show up on my golf course wearing that thing so help me God I will put you in the ground, son.”

– Lt. Col. Dwight Studebaker (62), Scottsdale, AZ

Former USMC and current hardass


More Info:

Key Features:

  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex for a slightly stretchy fit
  • American Flag/Eagle/Freedom Print
  • Classic fit
  • Sleeveless Design to keep you cool
  • Beer tastes just a little bit better and a little bit colder with this bad boy on
  • 3-button placket with white buttons
  • No more golfers/farmer’s tan
  • Moisture wicking Performance Fabric
  • Brolo Classic Logo on bottom left hem


The Brolo is accepted at the majority of golf courses because of the collar. It’s made with moisture wicking material, and cut and sewn differently than women’s sleeveless polo’s in order to fit your jacked and tan arms better and more comfortably.

We’ve all been there-The Sun beating down on you during a round of 18 with your best pals and you’re just wishing you had a sleeveless Polo on. Well, now that wish is a reality. Try one today and you’ll never want to wear sleeves again.

Welcome to the Brolo Family,  The World’s First Sleeveless Men’s Polo, We’re glad to have you.




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